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Basit Igtet

“May we, the Libyan people, share in a new spirit of peaceful co-operation and rebuild the human capital of our shattered homeland.”

Basit Igtet



Basit Igtet, a successful Libyan businessman and entrepreneur, has devoted his time, energy and resources to the rebirth of his beloved homeland. The descendent of a line of human rights supporters, Basit Igtet follows in both his grand father and father’s footsteps with the vision of building a free, autonomous Libya.


Since his appointment as Special Envoy to the Libyan Transitional National Council (2011), Basit Igtet has used his wealth to support the revolution and lobbied international governments to recognize the TNC. Basit Igtet has drawn on his international network and business expertise to try to rebuild the country.


Basit Igtet strives to give an accurate perception of the new Libya to the media. His efforts to support the freedom of Libya, and growth of an autonomous state have given Basit the opportunity to share his views on a more global platform.